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Punk and pop art are intertwined and distinctly working-class British. It was started by people who wanted to shake things up and blow apart the divide between stuffy high art and what was perceived by those in the know as “low art”. These rebels pushed for their voices to be heard and so did their fans and followers. We aim to show you the well-known artists and the unsung heroes who, with great wit and technical skill, have both reflected and shaped our tastes and culture . . . and continue to do so.

We have pop or punk art for sale from £25 to £26,000 - go on, own a bit of rebel history, you know you want to.

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The history of pop art has been Americanised, theorised and inserted into art history in the usual way. Art historians have filed it within their agreed chronological order just after abstract expressionism. While the intellectuals have tried to make sense of it, wealthy corporates, investors and auction houses realised that pop art was indeed popular and have scrambled to embrace it for a profit. 

In attempting to intellectualise and commercialise punk and pop art, they have failed to see, let alone understand, the messy and arbitrary collisions of people and ideas that made it happen. They have ignored many of the real heroes involved, especially women who have always been invisible to art historians.  

This website and our works for sale, exist to show there is not a binary divide between high and low art, or indeed strict silos between art, design, fashion, photography, music, film, advertising or product design. Punk and pop art were influenced by all those things but informed their development too. 

a small warning

Read our version of the development of punk and pop art, argue about the content and marvel at how un-woke it all was in the 1960s and 70s. You won’t find any installation bollocks here, it’s art for ordinary people, for us and not the elite. We aim to make you laugh, sigh, go all misty-eyed and sometimes get angry as you realise some of these works are mementos that mark stages of your life.  

Please note, as in real life, there are images that show drug-taking, smoking, alcohol, violence, sex, swearing and nudity. If you are offended by any of these things, or you think that reading about drug taking will turn you into a heroin addict then our website is not for you. Tbh we don’t think it’s appropriate for children under-12 years either, but that’s your call.